Some of the most expensive and rare auction lots

The toy company “Mattel” with the jeweller named Stefano Canturi created a doll Barbie in a single copy.

Caunturi by himself designed the doll Barbie which wears a small diamond ring and a diamond necklace with a rose diamond in the middle. Unique Barbie was up to auction “Cristie’s” and it was sold for $302250.

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“Heart of the ocean”

“Heart of the ocean”

In fact the famous diamond necklace “The heart of the ocean” in the movie “Titanic” was not the only one, there were three of them. Two of them were ordered from London jewellery company named Asprey & Garrard. Necklace with blue triangle-cut cubic zirconia surrounded by smaller cubic zirconias in a frame of white gold […]


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