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” Wind of Charm “can be translated from English as “a breath of charm”, and this most accurately reflects our concept that it is possible to touch the history and feel the charm of past eras.
In February 2019, the idea of creating a vintage store was born. For 9 months, up to the day of the official opening of the online store, we searched for the most beautiful vintage items for our collection, traveled to different parts of Europe and all in order to eventually collect only the most beautiful jewelry, steeped in history.

Our feature is the ability to make a request for a specific type of product. For example, we have often been asked about lockets, which is why now we have a large assortment of these beautiful things, in which you can store a photo of a dear person. And once, the girl wanted to buy a pearl choker necklace, so that she could wear it both in one turn and in two. And we found one for her.
We also have vintage accessories for men. Vintage cufflinks or tie – the perfect gift at all times.
Also, on our website, we always indicate where a particular decoration was brought from because we want the buyer to feel the uniqueness and value of the product.

We always go in search of goods by ourselves, together. Through trial and error, we find out which city or country has the most finds. We have business trips to Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and other European cities.

We choose jewelry for our collection based entirely on our taste and inner sense of beauty. We are inspired primarily by our own work, beautiful photos and videos that we shoot ourselves with the participation of our jewelry. Our customers ‘ feedback gives us a huge boost when we see that we make people happier by finding unique things for them.

It is not possible to determine the age of vintage jewelry with the accuracy of a year, unless it is a limited collection or a year label. But it is still possible to determine the approximate ten-year period in which the decoration was made. Also, the design, color and materials of the product can serve as a hint,and, of course, traces of time.

The age of vintage jewelry can not be identified with accuracy up to a year, if they are not marked. Therefore, years are defined by a period. But you can be sure that this or that product was produced during the specified period.

We have a great love for our vintage collection and make every effort to preserve the original appearance and put in order a particular product, if it is possible, of course. If there are minor flaws, it only adds to the charm, without affecting the presentability of the decoration and, most importantly, emphasizes the rich history of the thing.

Unfortunately, for all our time working with vintage jewelry, we only managed to find jewelry in the “native” packaging once. Almost always, vintage jewelry comes to us without its” native ” packaging. But we carefully pack them in our signature Wind of Charm packaging.

Alloys of our jewelry are divided into jewelry and costume jewelry. The difference between jewelry and costume jewelry alloy is the presence of gold in the composition of up to 75-98%. As additional metals can be used silver, copper, palladium, platinum, which affect the color of the product. A costume jewelry alloy is a combination of non-ferrous metals (silver, copper, cadmium, palladium, zinc) that do not differ in appearance from gold or platinum. It is impossible to determine the exact extent of the alloy composition, since all jewelry is vintage and their age is more than 50 years.

Yes, in Moscow, you can always agree on a specific date and time and try on any jewelry at the pickup address.

Yes, of course. In proper condition, you can deliver the jewelry back to us.

Our packaging is simple and tasteful – perfect for a gift. You can be sure of that. Craft and branded white ribbon will appeal to both women and men.

All jewelry in our collection goes through two stages of purification. The first of them is physical cleaning, the main rule of which is the exclusion of soap or chemical solutions, since they can harm an already fragile product due to its age. Only dry cleaning is allowed, using a napkin or a piece of cloth.
The second stage is energy purification. Vintage jewelry, and especially those that contain stones, can accumulate the energy of the past time, past owners and their homes. That is why we” reset ” the energy of jewelry to transfer them to the new owner in a neutral energy state. To do this, we use white sage, fumigating each product.
After the decoration finds its owner, it requires careful handling. The future fate of vintage jewelry will depend on the conditions that will be created for it in the new house. It is best to store the product in boxes where sunlight does not penetrate, which over time can harm its color.

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